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Metalsmith, Jewelry, Goldsmith & Silversmith Organizations, Guilds & Associations

AC - Accessories Council - NY USA
Alloy Jewellers - UK
ACC - Alberta Craft Council - Canada
AMBERIF- International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones - Poland
ACC - American Craft Council - USA
AGTA - The American Gem Trade Association - USA
AJDC - American Jewelry Design Council - USA
AMSA - American Medallic Sculpture Association - USA
ASJH - The American Society of Jewelry Historians - USA
Artist Trust - Seattle WA USA
AJF - Art Jewelry Forum - CA USA
ABANA - Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America - USA
Artists in Canada - a national directory of Canadian artists and art resources - Canada
ACJ - The Association for Contemporary Jewellery - Britain UK
AGC - Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo - Italian Contemporary Jewellery Association - Italy
BABA - British Artist Blacksmiths Association - UK
British Society of Enamellers BSOE - UK
BK - Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk - German Crafts Association - Germany
Center for Jewelry Studies
CIDAE - Center of Information and Difusion of the Art of Enamelling in Spain
Chi Ha Paura - Schoonhoven NL
COMA - The Colorado Metalsmithing Association - CO USA
CIBJO - Confederation Internationale de la Bijouterie - CIBJO - Italy
CMAQ - Conseil des Métiers d'art du Québec - Canada
CAS - Contemporary Art Society - UK
CBS - Contemporary British Silversmiths - UK
CJDG - Contemporary Jewelry Design Group - USA
CFDA - Council of Fashion Designers of America - NY USA
CORPUS - French Contemporary Jewellery Association - France
The Copper Development Association Inc. USA
CSA - The Costume Society of America - USA
Craft Alliance - St. Louis, MO USA
Craft Australia
CCoI - Craft Council of Ireland
Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador
CERF - Craft Emergency Relief Fund
The Craft Guild of Dallas - TX USA
Craft Scotland
Craft Victoria - Melbourne AU
Crafts Council UK
CABC - Crafts Association of British Columbia - Canada
CMAG - Creative Metal Arts Guild - Portland OR USA
Danish Arts Agency - Kunststyrelsen - DK
Danish Arts & Crafts Association - DK
Danish Crafts - Information Centre of Danish Crafts and Design - Denmark
Danish Silversmiths - Denmark
DJG - Designer Jewellers Group - London UK
The Enamelist Society
Ethical Metalsmiths - USA
FGZ - Federation Goud en Zilver
FIDEM - the International Medal Federation
Finnish Goldsmith Association - Helsinki Finland
The Finnish Society of Crafts and Design - Design Forum Finland - Helsinki Finland
FSG - Florida Society of Goldsmiths - USA
GIA - Gemological Institute of America Inc. - USA
Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst - Society for Goldsmiths' Art - Hanau Germany
The Goldsmiths' Company check out their Who's Who in Gold and Silver - UK
The Guild Of Metalsmiths - USA
Hawai`i Craftsmen - Honolulu, HI USA
HMAG - Houston Metal Arts Guild - Houston TX USA
IMAG - Idaho Metal Arts Guild - Idaho USA
IACA - Indian Arts & Crafts Association - Albuquerque NM USA
ING - Institut National de Gemmologie - Paris France
BJCGEM - International Association for the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean
ISC - International Sculpture Center - USA
IJMA - The Israel Jewelry Manufacturers' Association - IJMA - Israel
ITC Jewelry - The Italian Jewelry Center - Los Angeles CA USA
Italian Jewelry Guild - Beverly Hills, CA USA 800.443.1479
JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design - Adelaide, AU
JJA - Japan Jewellery Association - Japan
JJDA - Japan Jewellery Designers Association Inc. - Japan
JBT - Jewelers Board of Trade - RI USA
JA - Jewelers of America - New York, NY USA
Jewelry Business Guru by Cindy Edelstein - NY USA
JVC - Jewelers Vigilance Committee - New York, NY USA
JAA - The Jewellers Association of Australia - AU
JASA - Jewellers Association of South Africa
The Jewellers & Metalsmiths Group of Australia NSW - AU
The Jewellers & Metalsmiths Group of Queensland - AU
The Jewellers’ Association of Namibia - Africa
Jewellery Council of South Africa
JDPN - The Jewelry Design Professionals' Network - New York, NY USA
KORUTAIDE yhdistys - The Jewellery Art Association - Finland
loose-id - Australian group of jewellers and smiths
Louisiana Metalsmiths' Association - USA
MAIL - Maille Artisans International League
Manchester Jewellers Network - Manchester UK
MCC - Manitoba Crafts Council - Manitoba Canada
MJSA - The Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America - Providence, RI USA
MCC - Massachusetts Cultural Council - Boston MA USA - jewelry makers & jewelry making - search database for local groups
MAG - Metal Arts Guild - San Francisco CA USA
MAGC - Metal Arts Guild of Canada - Toronto Ontario Canada
MAASV - Metal Arts Association of Silicon Valley - CA USA
MASSC - Metal Arts Society of Southern California - CA USA
Metalcyberspace - Contemporary Jewelry Designers
MSG - Michigan Silversmiths Guild - MI USA
MSA - Mineralogical Society of America - USA
MBMAG - Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild - CA USA
The National Association of Goldsmiths of Great Britain and Ireland
NAJ - National Association of Jewellers - UK
National Cuff Link Society - Eugene R. Klompus - 847.816.0035
NOMMA - National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association
NC Custom Knifemakers Guild
New Jersey Metal Arts Guild - NJ USA
Nga Taonga a Hine-te-iwa-iwa (officially closed)- a treasury of New Zealand Craft Resources Trust - NZ
NCSG - North Carolina Society of Goldsmiths - Pittsboro NC USA
NCEG - The Northern California Enamel Guild
NSDCC - Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council - Canada
NUBREA - Núcleo Brasileiro da Arte do Esmalte - Brazil
Nutida Svenskt Silver - Contemporary Swedish Silver - Stockholm Sweden
Object - Australian Centre for Craft and Design - AU
OJA - Ohio Jewelers Association - USA
OCC - Ontario Crafts Council - Canada
Ornamo - The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo - Finland
PSG - Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths - PA USA
PAPCG - Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild - Philadelphia PA USA
PIN – Portuguese Contemporary Jewellery Society - Portugal
PGI - Platinum Guild International
The Rotterdam Centre for the Arts - Rotterdam NL
SCC - Saskatchewan Craft Council - Canada
(Schmuck)2 - Germany
Schoonhovens Edelsmidsgilde Sint Eloy - Schoonhovens NL
Scottish Arts Council - Scotland
SMG - Seattle Metals Guild - Seattle WA USA
The Silver Institute - Washington DC USA
The Silver Trust - London, England
SAMAF - Société Arts et Métiers d'Art de France - France
SCC - Society for Contemporary Craft - Pittsburgh PA USA
SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism - Milipitas, CA USA
SMM - The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths - USA
Society of Designer Craftsmen - UK
VNE - The Society of Dutch Enamellers
SNAG - The Society of North American Goldsmiths - USA
SFJAG - South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild - Florida USA
SWAIA - Southwest Association for Indian Arts - Santa Fe, NM USA
SVMAG - The Southwestern Virginia Metal Arts Guild - Virginia USA
STFZ - Stowarzyszenie Tworcow Form Zlotniczych - Goldsmithing Artists' Association - Krakow Poland
Sword Forum International
TJDMA - Taiwan Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing Association - Taiwan
TCAnet - Texas Cultural & Arts Network - Texas Commission on the Arts - TX USA
TMS - The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society - PA USA
The Crucible - Oakland, CA USA
VHS - Victorian Hairwork Society - MO USA
WGG - Washington Guild of Goldsmiths - USA
WJA - Women's Jewelry Association - WJA - NJ USA
WCC BF - World Crafts Council Belgique Francophone
WCC Europe - World Crafts Council Europe
WGC - World Gold Council

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